South-East Kenya


South East Kenya

“Being a mother brings me so much joy. I enjoy watching my children grow. The profits I make from basket weaving I use towards paying my children’s school fees and food. My favourite thing about the weaving group is the unity within the weavers, there’s no hostility between us. I hope life will change for the better!” 
Rufence Talu
Our beautiful handwoven baskets help to conserve a threatened forest full of wildlife in a dry area in south-eastern Kenya, as well as helping the beautiful women there escape poverty in their daily lives.
Your purchase helps to:
  • reduce reliance upon farming, which is unreliable due to scarcity of rain in this semi-arid area
  • provide an alternative to environmental destruction: an alternative to poaching vulnerable wildlife (elephants, zebras, giraffes…), or cutting down the forest for charcoal, timber and farmland
  • gives the artisans the ability to sustain their families. Most if not all the money that women receive goes straight to education, health and nutrition for the entire family.