We're big believers that business is the key to making the changes our world so desperately needs right now. Here's why...


We love the work being done by some inspiring brands, through giving a portion of profits to communities in need.

We exist to help with the other piece of the puzzle.

We exist to provide sustainable employment to women in these communities. To empower them through financial independence – providing them with a pathway out of poverty, which in turn helps transform whole communities.

Just as importantly, we’re here to share the stories of our makers with you. To connect through our similarities and to celebrate our differences. Because we believe it’s time to come together, not apart.

People First

We have built our business around a people first supply chain. Our products are all made under fair trade principles. A key component of which is that all of our artisans are paid a fair price, that they set - we don't negotiate. 

Our World

We work to ensure our products use eco friendly materials – organic, where possible. We offset our carbon footprint in shipping products from overseas. We ship to you in compostable satchels and we are focused on working with our partners to reduce plastic throughout supply. 


We provide consumers with an alternative that respects traditional craft and artisan skills that have been perfected over hundreds of years. Made with love, by hand - not on a factory line.

Gender equality is not only a fundamental human right, but a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 5

About The Founder
Sarré Guille

The 12 months of maternity leave after Maya’s birth were my most simple, and yet my most human.

Like I know it does for many, going back to the corporate world after that hit hard. In my search for ‘more’, I was listening to an interview with Dr Terarai Trent one morning on my way to work. Social entrepreneur, award winning author, Oprah’s all time favourite guest – an amazing woman. She spoke of how she was married at eleven, and had given birth to four children by 18.  However, one didn’t survive ‘because I failed to produce enough breastmilk’.

The privilege of my position overwhelmed me.

I could continue to donate to various causes, but I wanted to make a bigger impact. My 20 year career had been spent growing businesses – my own corporate consulting practice, and those who I advised. I wanted to grow a business that had an impact.

So here I am.

With this dream of mine to create a ‘global village’ – one where mums can buy beautiful products for their little ones that support another mum from a vulnerable population to provide for her children.

I now have relationships with 6 beautiful artisan groups across Africa, Peru, Nepal and India.

And I’m hoping together, we can grow that reach infinitely.

I’d love you to join me. x