Indira’s Dream

Indira’s Dream
Indira has a similar story to that of many of our Nepalese artisans.
As a girl, she was required to stay home and help with chores while she watched her brothers soak in the opportunity of an education.
Indira moved to Kathmandu to work as a carpet weaver and was married before her 18th birthday.
Her husband’s work as a painter was irregular. Their earnings were barely enough for rent, so her husband took out a loan and moved to Malaysia in search of better work. Anything he earned he used to pay back his loan.
Indira remained in Kathmandu – her daughter and two other family members financially dependent on her.
She then heard about our artisan partner group in Kathmandu. They provided her with training, and a secure income. She has been able to send her daughter to school with the support of the group’s "Girl Child Education" program.
Indira’s dream is to give her daughter a complete education and own a home in Kathmandu.
She’s getting closer.