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    This International Women's Day, We'd Love You To Meet Rejoyce

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    This International Women's Day, We'd Love You To Meet Rejoyce

    Rejoyce is one of the most experienced of the weavers we work with, and she has such an infectious energy. I think she squeezed my arm tight for most of the time I was with our weavers.

    She is also the Vice Chair of the Weaving Group. And I was absolutely in awe of her leadership.

    Behind all of her jokes and dancing, she has such a strength about her - I could tell she was both loved and respected.

    Yes, the research around the impact of investing in women in vulnerable populations is powerful.

    But meeting Rejoyce, and seeing her thrive in her leadership position while earning an income from her craft is just as important to me.

    Supporting women like Rejoyce in the small way where we feel we can best make a difference is a commitment we hold close 365 days of the year.

    Thank you for being here with us - as we head into International Women's Day and every day 🫶🏾

    Sarré x

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