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    From A Space To A Sanctuary: Choosing The Right Lighting For The Bedroom

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    From A Space To A Sanctuary: Choosing The Right Lighting For The Bedroom

    Whether we’re curling up with a book at the end of a busy day or reading the paper as the sunshine streams in on a weekend, our bedrooms are where we take a pause from everyday life for a while…

    And lighting really is the make or break in determining whether it’s just a ‘space’ or a sanctuary. 

    Whether it's the warm glow that comes through the natural weave or that peeps out from the golden interior of our Cone Pendants, the pendants across our collections have fast become bedroom favourites… and our most frequently asked questions relate to how to hang them bedside.

    We spoke to Rebecca Stanley at our Gold Coast stockist Three Balls Red, to bring you her expert tips, and answer your top questions on sizing for your space, how high to hang them and how to ensure you get that dreamy bedroom glow. 

    How should I style bedroom pendant lights?

    If you are looking for a feature, we love the visual interest that a pair in different sizes and weaves hung together brings.

    For this look, choose different sized pendants in different, complementary weaves.

     Pendants hanging in bedroom

     Above: a medium and small pendant light from our Caramel Collection


    Our top tip here is to have some fun! Different patterns, different shapes - mix and match to create something truly bespoke to your space.

    Image of two Caramel Collection pendant lights hanging in a bedroom

    Above: a large and small pendant light from the Caramel Collection


    But you need consider practicalities here too - if there are two of you using the bed and both are needing lighting, then the above styling might be better for a Guest Bedroom.

    For rooms that two are using, the more traditional one on each side of the bed is often going to be preferable.

     Two pendant lights hanging next to a bed

    Above image shows two large Pendants from the Signature range


    two woven pendant lights hanging next to a bed

    Above image shows two Small woven pendants from the Caramel Collection 

    What size is best to hang next to the bed?

    While the size of your room will come into play, the most important factor is personal preference.

    Below are some examples of the different sizes to guide you in the look you are going for.


     Images of different size pendant lights hanging in bedroom

    How high should they hang?

    Getting the height right is not only important for the balance of the room visually, but also for ensuring you get the light that you need without making your bedside area too bright.

    We spoke to Rebecca Stanley at our Gold Coast stockist, Three Balls Red, to bring you her expert tips on getting this right:

    "If you are reader or like to do task while sitting in bed have the lamp shade finish just below eye level.

    This keeps the light out of your eyes and onto your task (reading, puzzles, etc)."

    While optimal measurements will depend on your height, the height of your bedside table etc, this means that working to approximately 70cm above your bedside table provides a good starting point.

    Neutral coloured Pendant Light hanging next to a bedAbove image shows our Cone Pendant in Oat 


    It also ensures you have enough space to include books, flowers and other styling on your bedside table.

    Please get in touch if you need a longer cable than the 1.95m that they come with. We would be more than happy to arrange - we certainly don't want you to make the mistake of hanging your pendants too high!

    Getting the perfect glow – how to pick the right globe for the bedroom

    It is important to choose a warm globe for the bedroom. This will help create a soft, relaxing space to help calm your mind before you drift off to sleep.

    Specifically, a warm white globe (2700k or 2200k) will be best.

    And don't forget the dimmer!

    "I would opt for a dimmable pendant as you want your bedside light to be used for reading and tasks, however you also want the option to dim the light for mood and ambience", Rebecca Stanley, Three Balls Red

    If you have any questions at all about hanging your bedroom pendants, or need help selecting the right size of weaves – please get in touch. We’d love to help!

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