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    One month in - feeling grateful 🙏🏼

    1 min read

    One month in - feeling grateful 🙏🏼
    Wow, what a first month!

    What incredible support already - we have just loved seeing the orders come in and which products are favourites.

    I'm now putting together a number of bigger orders for our artisan groups which has filled me with smiles - so I wanted you to share in that too, and to know that you have made the world a slightly fairer place through your purchase.

    I spent my 20 year corporate career growing businesses – my own corporate consulting practice, and those who I advised. Her Hands has come about because I want to use those skills to grow a business that levels the playing field even just a little. One that addresses the huge differences in living standards that exist simply because of where we happen to be born.

    I put a LOT of research into how I could best do that and was blown away by all of the work around the impact of investing in women in developing countries. It literally transforms communities.

    And so surfaced my dream to create a ‘global village’ – one where mums can buy beautiful products for their little ones that support another mum from a vulnerable population to provide for her children.

    And we are honestly so grateful to everyone who is already sharing in this dream. 

    As always, would love to hear from you with your thoughts, ideas or concerns - or just to say hi 👋🏾! We're going to have the biggest impact together, so I'm always listening!
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